Who is Travius Keandric

Travius Keandric is not your average rapper,

he’s an artist, a storyteller, an aspiring physician, and a registered nurse.

Growing up in one of the smallest, most impoverished towns in the nation - Marion, Alabama -

inspired Travius to really learn as much as he could in order to help his community.

After graduating as valedictorian in high school, he attended The University of Alabama,

the same institution that once barred African Americans from entering and graduated in 2017,

heading straight into the nursing industry. Through his lyrical flows, you can immediately tell he knows all about health, the Black community, generational wealth, and mental wellbeing.


Travius Keandric is what we’d call a rap-tivist.

He uses his voice to not just entertain, but to empower, and provide valuable gems for all his listeners. Travius looks to legends who paved the way including the late Nipsey Hussle, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar. While chasing his rap dreams he met Kendrick Lamar in 2018 during the infamous "DAMN" tour and informed King Kendrick that he "would see him again in a different light."

Travius takes action to ensure any dream and manifestation comes true.

Enjoy this once in a lifetime artistry.