Travius Keandric delivers hit single "DOPE"

DOPE by Travius Keandric is the perfect track for a feel good, yet thought provoking vibe. While the title may seem rather ordinary, the lyrics are metaphorical, exemplary. and allows you to develop your own spin on what DOPE means to you. Drug dealers (both street and legally - big pharma) can have this track in rotation faithfully during their daily routines. The conscious mind can relay the lyrics of DOPE to present and future injustices as Travius Keandric raps "T. Keandric got that DOPE with a little hope, dodging 50 as I cope for my missing folks buried on parole." Travius then delivers "Execute a n**** before he even enrolls, another father missing broken home" which details common poverty stricken trials and tribulations. All while giving a vibe to his devoted energetic fans, Travius covers ground on some of the world's most important issues in an entertaining fashion. So whether you’re looking for a new hit to ride to, dance to, or even workout — DOPE delivers all of that and then some. So buy it, stream it, share it, tell your kin and your friends that Travius Keandric has that DOPE!

Take a listen here:

Official cove for Travius Keandric "DOPE" Single

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