Dropping Singles

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Text for unreleased music

New month? New single! Thanks for you all's continuous support of my music career. The energy you give me is the energy I receive only to give it right back to you through my music. "Dropping Singles" is one of the most special songs I've ever released in my life. Outside of it being the first song I'm releasing with Taylor Gang's Young Deji, this song gives off true 90's nostalgic vibes. From the album cover, the instrumental, the lyrics & the melody, this song was well thought out and executed. The song itself actually is a triple entendre amongst three characters. The three entendres are as followed: Dropping singles as in money or single dollar bills, dropping singles as if you're not thinking of a relationship and dropping singles as in the actual song (a single). Without you all's dedicated support, none of this would be remotely possible. As a token of appreciation I'm giving everyone who reads this the opportunity to win a courtside NBA ticket in New Orleans on March 15th plus room & board/flight. All you have to do is presave "Dropping Singles" and create a social media video and tag me in it after the song released. Winner will be selected March 8th, 2022.